Fashion Food Company Ltd.

Main Business: Manufacturer of Instant Noodles & Snacks

Address: 105/4 Moo 6 Petchkasem Road, Klongmai Sampran, Nakornprathom 73110, Thailand

Registered capital: Initial of 70 million Baht on 26 December 1988, additional of 70 million Baht in 2005 and another 70 million Baht in 2006, with total of 210 million Baht at present.

In 1989, the company successfully established its business in the heart of the Thai consumer with the launch of its flavored crackers. The crackers were known for the higher quality and value for money per pack. One of the company’s strongest competitive advantages, yet to mention, is favor innovation. Under the brand “FF” the company launched Tomato and Capsicums flavor snacks, under the brand “Torpido” Vegetable flavor and “Sampran” Corn flavor; all 3 brands and their flavors continue their legend and longevity to today. Those mentioned brands and many more has grown to capture the hearts of the consumers of age grop.

Fashion Food Company Ltd. had step change in 2002, instant noodle under the brand “FF” was the first brand in the industry to ever successfully penetrated and pioneered the restaurant channel. The company expanded its manufacturing line to produce not only individual pack type and bowl type instant noodles but also producing and selling selling in bulks type packaging of 21 units in order to entice restaurant channels for its value for money. With the foot in the door, the popularity of “FF” grew tremendously and was well known for its premium quality noodle. The company continued to innovate and later on diversified its product into instant rice porridge bowl as a marketing strategic move in order to expand its consumer base into a more health conscious target group. In doing so, this year the company launched a new type of noodle innovation, one in which to replace fresh yellow noodle in the market under the brand “Shogun,” and another premium ingredient and deliciously healthy noodle under the brand “Noodle Concept.”

The company’s continuous growth has been attributed by its fierce product innovation and attractive packaging design that is not only of high quality, convenient but most importantly safe. Today, the company and brand has expandad its popularity worldwide; United States, Canada, European countries (EU), Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Since 2001 the products under all brands produce by Fashion Foods Company Ltd. are certified by Central Islamic Council of Thailand, a renowned Halal certification body operating in Thailand. Furthermore, the factory strictly follows the protocol and regulations of GMP and HACCP in order to produce the best product in terms of safety and food quality standard. Lastly the company also gain accreditation from the ISO 14001 as a factory that is friendly to the environment and the surrounding community.

This year, Fashion Food Company Ltd., promise to continue its commitment to innovation and deliver products with international standard quality that is clean and safe for the consumers.



Fashion Food ‘s vision is for the company and its brands to be recognized domestically and internationally for consistently manufacturing high quality products and owners of popular brands.


  1. To be the manufacturer that delivers consistent quality products with high integrity for consumers all over the world.
  2. To be the trusted trading partner with excellent services.
  3. To build a corporate culture that values relationship and teamwork.
  4. To support our community, we live in on the environmental conservation effort, an important task as an environmental friendly business.